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Head for Ploumanac’h

Just 4 kilometres from our hotel

This old fishing hamlet has become one of the most frequented tourist sites in Brittany and was voted France’s favourite village in 2015. Its success can be attributed to its extraordinary piles of pink rock. Mother Nature has acted an artist, sculpting the venerable blocks of pink granite here out of water and wind over the course of 300 million years, with some rising to more than 20 metres! These natural works of art stretch out over 25 hectares, where the variations in light fascinate visitors all day long right up to sunset when the setting sun paints the rocks in different colours.

A testament to its great reputation are the more than a million visitors who turn up each year to see the wonders for themselves in the conditions specially arranged by the Conservatoire du Littoral to protect this star attraction, listed as a natural heritage site. With rocks shaped like Napoleon’s hat, lovers and a mushroom, what might you discover? The perfectly laid out “Sentier des Douaniers” (Custom-Officer’s path, GR34) will allow you to discover this exceptional site either at an athletic or leisurely pace. Ever changing, Ploumanac’h has so many sides to it that it is bound to satisfy anybody.