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Our spa hotel in Perros-Guirec

Ideal for visiting the Côtes d’Armor

Wherever you turn your head on the Côtes d’Armor - the location of our spa hotel - you’ll see a range of exceptional sites on offer, which can aptly be considered “must-see” attractions. What else is there to say about the famous Pink Granite Coast that hasn’t already been said? Within this landscape, which seems to appear different depending on the time of day, let your mind wander as you look at the surprising shapes of these blocks sculpted by the elements. The sculptures of the Valley of the Saints, meanwhile, are the work of humans. Their basis in legend is evident, a modern testimony to the religious imprint on the landscape of Brittany.

Then head to Paimpol and onto Ploubazlanec! The Pointe de l’Arcouëst is your gateway to a different world, a laid-back world without cars. Bréhat, the island of flours, is at your feet just a few minutes away by boat at the heart of an archipelago of 86 small islands and reefs, the first natural site to be listed in France on 13th July 1907.
Cap Fréhel (where Fréhel, the famous French singer of the 20s and 30s, got her stage name) has everything you could want in a wide, open space. With cliffs towering 70 m above the sea, 600 hectares of sprawling moorland, and the Fort-la-Latte castle as its majestic throne, you’ll want to keep on exploring this fantastic environment!