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The Pink Granite Coast

One of the greatest natural wonders of Brittany

When you stay at our Best Western Les Bains Hotel in Perros-Guirec at the heart of Brittany’s Pink Granite Coast, you’re right up close to this incredible and intriguing rocky formation, a masterpiece crafted by none other than Mother Nature. Just beyond the magnificent Trestraou Beach, you’ll find Ploumanac’h, a fishing hamlet turned seaside resort, and one of the highlights of this rugged wonderland. A bit further west lies a vast world tucked away from everything else - the Bay of Morlaix. Islands of varying sizes seem to multiply depending on wherever you are in an area which painters have been exploring for more than a century.

Prized by high society at the beginning of the 20th century, the Île aux Dames, the Île Verte, the Carantec peninsula and the brilliantly named Plage de Tahiti (Tahiti Beach) are all perfect for lazing around. You can also access the island of L’Enfer (Hell) and its bay and the island of Le Paradis (Heaven), where seals play peacefully in protected waters.

As for Morlaix, a listed Ville d’Art et d’Histoire (Town of Art and History), you’ll be dazzled by such delights as its viaduct, its winding, tall alleyways, its half-timber “maisons à pondalez” (house with an inner gallery and spiral staircase) dotted around the Place Allende, and the culture centre housed in the old tobacco factory.